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“I’ll have the local stripper”. That isn’t how I envisioned my first trip to Strip T’s, but that’s how it went, thanks to Sibby. Once we got over that little mishap we had a really nice dinner with Hilary and John, although I mayyyyy still be laughing about it at my desk…

Strip T’s is a tiny restaurant in Watertown that is housed in the chef’s father’s former sandwich shop. As the legend goes, Tim Maslow was the former Chef de Cuisine at the famed Momofuko in NYC but gave it up to come home and work in his dad’s restaurant. In the process, he transformed Strip T’s from a sandwich shop into a super inventive and cool New American dining spot. The restaurant still LOOKS like a casual sandwich shop, but the type of food they serve there is anything but common.


The menu above is from the night we we there, though I believe it changes pretty often. We started with the Cubano fries, which were kind of like if a cuban sandwich and poutine had a baby. They were strange, but delish – pickles on fries were new to me, but it worked. If you are a fan of the Cuban sandwich, this dish is for you.


Hilary and John also had a caesar salad, which they proclaimed “garlicly delicious”:


We all got different entrees, and we were all pleased. Below is Hilary’s grilled pork chop with peas, fingerling potatoes, and salsa verde. One strange thing is that she noticed the people at the next table order this dish and get served a chop on the bone – we’re wondering if she looked like she couldn’t be trusted with sharp objects?


John got the bluefish aqua pazza special with fennel, garlic scapes, peas, and local tomatoes.


Sibby’s “local strip(p)er” with new potatoes, yogurt sauce, and mustard greens, which she said was great except for a tad too much dill in the sauce (also except that it wasn’t a real stripper):


I personally think I made the best choice 🙂 – I got the fried chicken, which came with spanikopita, sauteed kale, and ramp jam. The spanikopita was kind of an odd accompaniment, but I love it, so I was fine with it. The ramp jam was DELICIOUS and added great flavor to both the chicken and the kale. The chicken was very moist (likely brined) and tender.


Of course we had to get dessert “for the blog” – we tried one of each: a chocolate layer cake with pretzel crumbs on the top and a sourdough brioche doughnut filled strawberry jam, rhubarb glaze, and sprinkles. Both were pretty awesome, but I’m a sucker for a good doughnut.

IMG_1064 IMG_1068

All in all, I’d definitely return here. The lunch menu had some pretty great-looking options as well (hello, homemade filet o’ fish with cheddar, coleslaw, and a fried green tomato – let’s be friends)! This is just kind of a strange place where the environment TOTALLY doesn’t match the food, and that’s what keeps it interesting, in my opinion. Have any of you been here?


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  2. I’ve heard really great things about Strip T’s and every time I’m in Watertown, Nikki and I talk about going. At the same time, every time she mentions it, I can’t help but think that my bestie is going to take me out for a lap dance.

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